Hi folks Leo Durocher here, one of the owners of Colorado Window Source & More. They have been after me for years to write a blog, my resistance has finally been worn down, and so at long last here we go.

I guess the first thing I should talk about are a couple things I feel contribute to making us different from other window companys.

One thing I feel is a strong plus for our customers is that Scott and I are both from the Denver Metro area, born and raised here in Colorado we take our ‘Neighborhood’ very seriously. What I mean by that is because we are locals we care deeply about our City and its environs, we know people all over the city and are committed to our good name in the community. This informs much of what we do and how we interact with our customers.

Another plus for our customers is the fact that we both have backgrounds in construction, both of us know how to frame and finish a home from beginning to end. Each of us has remodeled our own homes, we know how things are supposed to go together and thus are able to hold our crews to a consistently high standard.

Well there we go folks a blog has been written, look forward to ongoing contributions from myself and others. We look forward to being of assistance on your next exterior remodel project, thanks for reading

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