Do you hate your windows? It is a funny thing I have noticed over the years. Even though folks seem to be well aware of the benefits to new windows; things like energy savings, being more comfortable in your home, there is a lot less outside noise, and value is added to the home. Yet these things never seem to be enough to motivate folks to look at window replacements until they absolutely hate their old windows. I often wonder why this is.

I know there is nothing particularly fun about window replacement projects. Neither is there anything “sexy” about new windows.  Now a new Kitchen, that is something nice to look at, and a lot more “fun” than window replacements. So from that perspective I get it. However, I feel the real impediment, the thing that keeps most folks from dealing with their windows sooner is a fear of the process.

It is easy to understand why, there are so many horror stories out there about how terrible the process was and what disastrous results were had that fear of the process is a natural result. Add to that the confusion caused by all those sales people and their version of why the window they sell is the best, not to mention that pricing seems to be all over the map, from the ridiculously overpriced folks, to the crazy cheap folks, how is a consumer to make any sense of it all and come to a reasonable conclusion?

That is where we come in, offering several lines of windows and a true consult during the sales process we strive to understand our customer needs and wants, then provide the appropriate solution at a reasonable and fair price. That has been our business model for the last 14 years and it seems to have served us and our customers well. So come on, replace those old windows sooner than later and begin experiencing all the benefits they will provide. We promise to treat your home as our own and to interact with you the way we would like to interacted with.

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